Hello and Welcome

Who we are?

WITmind Ltd. is a high tech company focused on IT and web solutions.
It operates in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What we do?

• Integrated web solutions;
• Web design;
• Software and hardware solutions and services for IP video broadcast;
• High quality video content encoding, delivery and streaming;
• Cloud services;
• Onsite and offsite search engine optimization;
• Web marketing and advertising;
• Social networks integration;
• Performance analysis and optimization;
• Managed services;
• IT administration and support;
• Witmind Ltd. provides its clients with web and software services, specialized hardware platforms,
integrated solutions, network support, solutions and consultancy.

Why we do?

It is very simple – we love doing it!


Why choose Us?

Individual Approach

Quality Performance

Technical Support



Server side: PHP, ASP.NET, XML, BASH, Python, C, C++
Client side (browser): HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, XML, JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks – jQuery, Prototype, AJAX
Client side (desktop): .NET, Visual C++, WPF
Frameworks: Code Igniter, Laravel, Kohana
WITmind provides SLA and support level according to client needs.

All hosting services are supported 24/7.

Each client has access to Helpdesk Ticket System in which tickets (problems, issues, feature requests) are raised, monitored, solved and reported.
Operating systems: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat)
Web servers: Apache, Nginx
Database: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
WITmind operates its own data center and provides hosting solutions specially designed to meet the client requirements.

Basic hosting services:

• web hosting – HTTP, FTP, Database servers, DNS management
• e-mail hosting – anti-spam and antivirus enabled
• domain registration
• highly-available and load-balanced Internet connection

Special hosting services:
• high performance hosting – capable of serving tens of thousands of requests per second
• large data volume hosting – audio, video
• streaming hosting – custom scalable RTMP video streaming solution
• cloud hosting