WitMind’s cloud solutions:

Witmind cloud is built with focus on reliability and flexibility on top of the best hardware platforms and solutions available.


We use Juniper Networks routers and switches in a highly scalable system that improves application performance with low latency and converged services in a non-blocking, lossless architecture that supports Layer 2, Layer 3, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet capabilities.

Multicore computing nodes by HP provide excellent speed and reliability, together with abundance of fast ECC RAM memory.

Robust and blazing fast data storage is provided by our specially designed StorEXA 2024 system, capable of providing more than 1500 MB/s combined (reading + writing) sustained data rate per single storage node. Initially designed for broadcast HD video production storage StorEXA appliances serve as a rock-solid cloud data storage.

Daily backups and snapshots are performed automatically on appliances in a remote data center to secure reliability of the stored data.

The used cloud operating system that controls the pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout the data center is empowering us to provision resources within seconds, build new cloud appliances in minutes, live migrate between computing nodes and even upgrade our hardware without interrupting user services.