get all the power and reliability of cloud services

Managed VPS

Just do your job – you don’t need knowledge of the system administrator.


The root access and complete control over the server under unlimited internet traffic.

Cloud Hosting

Setting your web services in a an environment where there is abundance of network capacity, RAM, CPU, storage and redundancy.

What is “CLOUD” and why WITmind’s team of professionals considers it of highest importance

At WITmind we take the word contemporary very seriously! We are working in the IT area for almost two decades bringing all the state-of-the-art technologies to the business and the end user. And now the so-called “cloud services” that we offer is the benefit we want you to be familiar with. Our mission is to make your life easier!

In order to understand why our cloud services are our top selling point you need to comprehend what exactly is cloud computing or cloud services themselves. So, read below our summarized info and get ready to be amazed with the solutions WITmind are building and managing especially for you – our customers!

Simply cloud services are the distribution of computing actions you could do at your own computer at home but now they are performing many times faster and are delivered over the internet with a global access. In most cases these services could be software-related, networking, storage, databases, VoIP and many more. The list with cloud services is endless, nowadays.

Video processing and streaming is our humble addition to the club and is our cutting edge benefit.

Basically cloud services refer to any IT services that are conducted and accessed from a cloud computing provider anywhere in the world such as we are – WITmind! You commonly pay only for the cloud services you use. That’s great because thus you can lower your operating costs and run your entire infrastructure in a more efficient way. Every time your business needs a change you can adjust your services in the cloud.

The best thing is that cloud services always bring considerable flexibility in provisioning, backing up and scaling capabilities in order to correspond with the requirements of the users.

In general cloud services are created, operated and managed by a cloud service provider such as we are, which works to ensure end-to-end availability, reliability and security of the cloud and every single customer involved!

The benefits of the “cloud” according to our team

Many companies start using the so-called “cloud services” more often. It is a leap between the traditional IT and contemporary one. We have chosen some vital factors why we think so. Using the cloud, you get:

• Reliability and security

• Scalability

• Productivity

• Optimized expenditures

• Global reach

• Speed

Most commonly cloud services administer various IT services hosted in-house such as provisioning certain applications from the cloud, replacing in-house backup with cloud storage and accessing everything from databases to software directly from a web browser without any kind of installation. It’s great isn’t it?

There are three basic types of cloud services that WITmind offers to the end user:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – This is one of the most basic category of cloud computing services. Basically with IaaS, you rent IT infrastructure, meaning servers and virtual machines, storage, networks, operating systems — generally from a cloud provider on a pay-as-you-go basis or individual agreement.

Platform as a service (PaaS) – Platform as a service refers to cloud computing services that provide an on-request setting for developing, testing, delivering and managing software applications. This environment is designed to make the lives of developers easier by assuring them with habitat where they can quickly create web or mobile apps, without concerning about setting up or managing the servers, storage, network and databases needed for development.

Software as a service (SaaS) – Nowadays “software as a service” is one of the most common approaches for delivering software applications over the Internet. Using SaaS, cloud operators host and maintain all the software operations any user could make like any kind maintenance, software upgrades and security patching. Every end user can reach the cloud via their phones or personal computers.