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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting means setting your web services in a an environment where there is abundance of network capacity, RAM, CPU, storage and redundancy.

There are practically no hardware boundaries to your applications and services and they are always provided with enough hardware resources to function fast and responsively. There are no congestions because of too many web applications on the same host, as it usually happens in shared hosting environments. There are no network limitations of 10, 100 or 1000 Mbps per host, rather than the whole necessary network capacity that is required by your web application is available at any time, provisioned through multiple Internet service providers. There is no need of time-consuming backups, because we regularly create data snapshots and instead of creating multiple archives, we send whole filesystems to secure storage location. Reverting to the last state is extremely fast and minimises the service downtime mainly because of our blazingly fast StorEXA data storage. Its average combined read/write speeds of more than 1500 MB/s outperform any kind of so-called SSD hosting (you need at least 4 groups of 2 SSDs or total of 8 SSDs on a single node to achieve such performance).

Because we think of the cloud hosting as hosting your application or service, we are the ones that are making all the complex technical settings and configurations, leaving you to focus on what is important to you – the content, the application, your business. That means you do not need to have any technical skills to use our cloud hosting services. On the other hand you get all the power and reliability of cloud services.

This is our cloud hosting – web hosting redefined.

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