Radio Automation

Create Your Online Radio and Share Your Voice
The perfect solution for:

• Online radio
• Private company stantion
• Stream live or pre-recorded announcements
• Online events and webinars

High Quality

High quality audio broadcast​


24/7 audio stream in real-time

Track the Performance

Track audio listeners

Streaming - Features. Simple and secure scheduling and playout

MindRadio is an open source platform that lets you broadcast streaming radio on the web.

Program calendar

Schedule your shows by the day, week or month through this simple drag-and-drop interface.

Intelligent library

MindRadio lets you find what your media quickly and easily. Simply drag and drop from the MindRadio media library to create your shows. MindRadio supports MP3, Ogg, WAV, FLAC and AAC formats.

Smart blocks

Speed up your programming. Just specify criteria (like genre or last played), and MindRadio will populate your block accordingly.

Show linking and repeating

Create smart blocks for a series of shows at once, so each linked show has the same criteria but different content. Great for overnights.

Media builder

Cue up your content beforehand and control fade-in and fade-out points. You can also preview tracks, edit metadata and schedule automatic cut-off for shows that run longer than their scheduled length.

Live broadcast

Live show editing

MindRadio lets you rearrange your schedule on the fly, so you can drop breaking news right into the show that’s currently on air.

Playout history

Listener statistics

Check your hourly listener stats to see which shows are the most popular. Provide advertisers with data on how many listeners they reached

DJ Management

Website widgets

MindRadio lets you display information about current and upcoming shows on blogs and websites. No need to fill in external calendars by hand or update long text programs.