Facebook Applications

With more than 1.32 billion (monthly active, June 2014) users and 50% of them using it every day, Facebook is the most powerful way to make viral marketing.
One of the most effective ways is developing an application users (and users friends – and friends of users friends – and…) will use every day.
We have been building Facebook apps (games, promo apps, interactive apps, contest apps, code registration apps, web-shop apps, websites integration) since they introduced Facebook API (in 2007).
We focus on interactivity, user experience and usability, portability and interoperability on all available platforms. Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript we are able to reach effectively mobile customers as well.

Facebook Quick Facts

Source: fb.com

2.01 billion monthly active users as of June 2017
1.66 billionmobile daily active users on average in June 2017
1.32 billion mobile desktop daily active users as of June 2017