The Golden Rhyton is festival of Bulgarian Documentary and Animated Film and is mounted by the Bulgarian National Film Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Plovdiv Municipality.


This year the traditional festival for bulgarian documentary and animated film faced the problem – global pandemic.

In this situation this year’s edition had to be held entirely online.

Our client’s requirements were:

  • Live streaming of 2 fully functional TV channels within the festival
  • Website design and development
  • Blocking by geolocation for Bulgaria


  • WITmind was an official partner of Golden Rhyton 2020 for bulgarian documentary and animated film festival.
  • The online edition of the festival reached the audience through two full-featured TV channels thatbroadcast live 24/7 from 4th till 10th December.
  • In practice they were two virtual halls that shared with the official opening, all press conferences, all movies from the programme and the official closing.
  • In addition we were the main culprit for the Rhyton’s website.


  • Modernization of the festival
  • Successful format for holding the festival during a global pandemic
  • Engage more people
  • Improving the value of online performance

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