For technical support:

Live Streaming, VoD, Website Development and Technology Partner for 7/8 TV


7/8 TV is a new television in the TV market and at the same time it is an easily recognizable TV channel thanks to the experience gained by the team who created some of the most watched original and format programs in Bulgaria.

The channel offers current affairs and analytical programs and a wide variety of entertainment and music shows.


78 changed the model of TV channel distribution in Bulgaria.

Our client’s requirements were:

  • Presentation website
  • 24/7 live stream broadcasting on website
  • Time-shift of a live stream
  • Ability for users to watch the videos from any devices at any suitable time
  • Access to all video content protected by an account and requires payment
  • Possibility for subscription payment based on plans or monthly payment
  • Opportunity for a 7-day free test period



We have developed a complete web solution which consists separate modules developed by us:

  • website
  • payment module
  • user profile module
  • control panel module for registration management
  • media asset management
  • video and video on demand technologies


  • Funding TV from another channel to invest in new shows and create new content
  • Reach the content of 78 TV to viewers anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Engage more people abroad
  • Providе flexibility of viewers to choose how to access the TV

Results for paid stream

22 500

peak simultaneous viewers

18 000

avg. total visitors

9 351 GB

total traffic

00:26:46 h

avg. time watched