Prostor® – Business Cloud Storage



Space for Everything


Save time - share and manage all files just for seconds.


Your data is where you are, from any device. No limits.


Don't worry about data safety - it's encrypted and guaranteed secured.


Easily recover any edited or deleted files.
• Prostor is your personal virtual space that gives you access to your data wherever you are and from any device.
• The easy web interface allows you to store your documents, folders, calendar, contacts, photos and all files that you want.

• Your files are protected and under your control. The only key is your password.
• All data transfers are encrypted with 256 bit key and military grade algorithm.

• Share with anybody on your terms:
- directly to Prostor user/s.
- or through download and upload links that you can protect with password and expiration date.

• Prostor provides enough Internet for instant access.
• Just for seconds you can upload and send large files - even 50 GB.
All changed files, tasks, and events are automatically synced between your devices and the devices of the people you've shared them.

• Prostor keeps a history of the changes for each file.
• Quickly and easily you can restore a previous version of any edited or deleted document.
• Protection from popular Ransomware viruses that encrypt your information.

• Easily and quickly you can you can organize personal and shared calendar.