Prostor® – Business Cloud Storage



Space for everything

The cool way to store your data

Prostor® is more than a cloud solution to protect and organize your business files.

Guaranteed speed

Save time - share and manage all files in seconds.

Unlimited traffic

Your data is anywhere, from any device, no number or size limit.

Previous versions

Easily recover any incorrectly edited or deleted file.

Corporative security

Your files are encrypted and guaranteed secure.
• Prostor is your personal virtual space where you can store all your important files and folders and giving you access to your data from anywhere and any device.
• The software is available for any devices and platforms – Mac, Windows, and Linux. iOS and Android devices
• The easy web and mobile interfaces helps you to store all your documents, folders, contacts, photos and anything you want.

• Your files are protected and under your control. The only key for your data is You - your password.
• Keep your private files confidential with the highest level of encryption - using 256-bit key and military grade algorithms.

• Share information with everyone under your rules:
- directly with Prostor users.
- or via download and upload links. Also you can protect the information with password and expiry date.

• Sufficient Internet for instant access.
• For seconds you can upload and send large-sized files - even 50 GB .
• All changed files, tasks and events are automatically synced between your devices and devices to people with whom you've shared.

• Prostor keeps a history of all changes.
• You can revert previous versions of each file. Easily recover deleted or incorrectly edited files.
• You get protection from popular Ransomware viruses that encrypt your information.