Video Streaming

Show your video and never miss a moment
The perfect solution for:

• Online shows
• Workshops
• Webinars
• Marketing events
• Conferences and presentations
• Live training session
• To monitor house and office surroundings

Attract more People

Get more audience for your video and grow visitors of your website

Real Time Streaming

24/7 video livestream with adaptive quality ​

Mobile Friendly

Auto resize of video depending on the visitors’ screen size of any devices

Track the Performance

Track viewership when you want


• You are easy to stream your video on your website, blog, mobile app and еverywhere with emmet code
• Supported all popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
• The streams are compatible at all types devices for iOS, Adnroid, Windows
• Automatically detect devices and operating system and and provide the video deviser compatible with any device
• No additional software required for mobile format
• Automatically recording of your video file
• Adaptive bitrate streaming
• HLS, Dash and RTMP live streaming
• All resolutions up to 4k are supported
• Practically unlimited number of viewers аt the same time

Additional Opportunities

• Possible to time shifting of your streaming
• nPVR that provides a network based personal video recorder and users can schedule their favorite videos for later watching
• Possibility for secure video streaming with a password
•Monetize your live stream


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