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About Us

In WITmind we put every customer’s needs where they belong – in front! We have kept this way of thinking since 2010. In fact, that’s one of the reasons for our progress! We started as a team of professionals who love to do everything IT till one day when our extensive experience in video and broadcast and passion in immersive technologies have took our focus on cloud services, high quality video content encoding, streaming and integrated web solutions. Simply, we become leader in the field.

Amidst the various services we offer, such as building of specialized hardware platforms, integrated solutions and consultancy we centralized our effort in the state-of-the-art cloud solution for video content processing, encoding and streaming which happens directly in the cloud.

Following everything we have achieved since 2010 the most common thing was to get certified. By all means this have led to certification from the international ISO certification organization. WITmind applied and successfully received ISO certificates for quality, IT service management and information security. An immense success which hasn’t left unnoticed!


Released ProVideo.Cloud v1.0
Complete video solution for TV Show - Lord of the Chefs.
SD-to-HD Transition
Upbuilt the new Hight Definition IP video infrastructure for a major TV Producer.
WITmind Cloud v1.0
Released ProVideo.Cloud v2.0.
Developed the new website, streaming and hosting solutions for Slavi’s Show.
WITmind Cloud v2.0
A major upgrade – 100x storage capacity, 10x connectivity increase.
Video consultancy
Advising about the video storage solution and editing process of the TV Show - The Voice of Bulgaria.
WITmind Cloud v3.0
Upgrade to 10Gbit backbone and distribute storage.
Consultants for the video storage solution and editing process of the TV Show - Bulgaria Got Talent.
Started the production and support of a live TV channel from a cloud-based playout for a major telecom.
EU Project 1
Won a EU financed project for building a System for Cloud-based Complex Audio and Video Content Management.
EU Project 2
Won a second project with EU financing.
Released ProVideo.Cloud v3.0.
WITmind Cloud v4.0 meets ISO
A major upgrade – 20x storage capacity, 10x computing capability
Implemented 3 international ISO quality certificates - ISO 9001:2015, ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011 and ISO / IEC 27001:2013.
Video Streaming & Technology Sponsor of BG PHP Conference
We partnered Bulgarian PHP Conference with the services we best at - the entire Internet video realization including cloud streaming, video on demand and website development.

We helped our long-term client and partner Seven Eight Production launch their own tv channel - 7/8 TV.
10 Years Anniversary and New Office Location
You can only become truly perfect at something you love. We do it 10 years and we will continue!
To accommodate our growth we moved to a new office location. Now our address is: No 1, Vasil Petleshkov street, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Upgrade to ISO 20000-1:2018.

What we offer?

Managed VPS

Just do your job – you don’t need knowledge of the system administrator.


The root access and complete control over the server under unlimited internet traffic.

Cloud Hosting

Setting your web services in a an environment where there is abundance of network capacity, RAM, CPU, storage and redundancy.


Share, upload and manage files.

Radio Automation

MindRadio is professional web application, to build your radio and broadcast pre-programmed content and live events.

Audio Streaming

Already you have ready radio product – we can broadcast your signal.

SMS Gateway

Instant messaging to groups of people.

Smart Polls

Web based survey application. 30 different types of questions and powerful branching logic. Flexible and easy to use.

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