The managed virtual private server (Managed VPS) is a cloud solution for anyone who needs a reliable and managed-to-host service, without the knowledge of the system administrators. The maintenance of the server is performed by our team of professionals and you do not have to worry about its work.

What can you use as a virtual private server?

• E-mail box
• One or many websites or e-shops
• Secure data storage
• Databases
• Company systems – project management, ERP, CRM, and more
• Accounting Software
• IP Phone System (PBX)
• SMS Gateway
• And for everything that a server is used for


growing your business without having to manage the core of the server


capabilities to easily run production applications


quickly scale at any time with minimal downtime

Managed VPS features

  • Completely independent managed server
  • Guaranteed resource (Not shared with other customers)
  • Supports any type of operating systems and applications
  • Unlimited Internet traffic through 2 independent providers
  • Guaranteed security (ISO 27001) and productivity
    99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Technical support and monitoring
  • Professional system administration
  • Regular backup of the content
  • Data retention

Operating systems and applications


Start Managed

30/ month
Monthly maintenance
1 GB (RAM)
1 vCore (CPU)
40 GB (HDD)
Unlimited monthly traffic
40 Mbps (Internet)
1 IP address
Bonus! Free 40 GB for Backup
Bonus! Free Monitoring

Basic Managed

60/ month
Monthly maintenance
2 GB (RAM)
2 vCores (CPU)
60 GB (HDD)
Unlimited monthly traffic
60 Mbps (Internet)
1 IP address
Bonus! Free 60 GB for Backup
Bonus! Free Monitoring

Standard Managed VPS

91/ month
Monthly maintenance
4 GB (RAM)
4 vCores (CPU)
80 GB (HDD)
Unlimited monthly traffic
80 Mbps (Internet)
1 IP address
Bonus! Free 80 GB for Backup
Bonus! Free Monitoring

Business Managed VPS

116/ month
Monthly maintenance
6 GB (RAM)
4 vCores (CPU)
100 GB (HDD)
Unlimited monthly traffic
100 Mbps (Internet)
2 IP addresses
Bonus! Free 100 GB for Backup
Bonus! Free Monitoring

Pro Managed

140/ month
Monthly maintenance
8 GB (RAM)
6 vCores (CPU)
150 GB (HDD)
Unlimited monthly traffic
150 Mbps (Internet)
2 IP addresses
Bonus! Free 150 GB for Backup
Bonus! Free Monitoring

All packages can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.
Prices include VAT.

Technical support

  • WITmind provides SLA and support levels according to client needs.
  • All hosting services are supported 24/7.
  • Each client has access to Helpdesk Ticket System in which tickets (problems, issues, feature requests) are raised, monitored, solved, and reported.
  • For technical support please follow this link.