Our wide range of happy customers starts from TVs, TV journalists, TV media editors to small businesses and online YouTube video editors.

The powerful video options like video encoding, video transcoding, editing, and publishing directly from the cloud are our light motif/killer feature! The state-of-the-art cloud-based solution that we offer assures you workflow from all around the globe!


unnecessary to invest in infrastructure


video encoding, video transcoding, editing, and publishing directly


workflow from all around the globe

In order to clarify what you could do in the cloud we are going to take you on a journey through our modules.

Your expedition begins with the receiving and saving the video files in our system

The content can be received from different sources and external systems, and the module itself takes care of connecting and receiving it. Afterwards you basically could start do absolutely anything with the video files. This means that you could configure the internal format and defining its parameters - audio and video encoding, framerate, format and video size.

Generate a jpg image to be used to illustrate the contents inside the system

Other great stuff that we have prepared are the options that lets you generate a jpg image to be used to illustrate the contents inside the system; generating a video to view through a web browser; possibility to add SMPTE timecode to the video file for review; removal of banding artifacts from incoming material; automatic recognition of interlaced content and deinterlacing it with the by you choice using frame blend, mean or yadif. It's great isn't it!

The journey continues with the quality control!

This module has the ability to check automatically the incoming media files for errors, detect silence, compute loudness, generate and record statistical information about the content received in the database.

After you do that you could start editing and processing without any concerns

You could generate video from an image or a series of images; adding audio stream to video; replacement of audio stream;cropping parts of an audio stream or file and saving them to a new file; glue multiple stacks or files; resolving the resolution; changing the type of interlace, deinterlace; changing the framerate; in the blink of an eye! And last but not least you could customize, edit, add and export all sorts of video and audio filters!

Other crucial part especially for YouTube lovers is our subtitle adding solution

Nice and easy! You are able to add and burn subtitles to a video file in a blink of an eye! Subtitles are read from a * .srt file and could added to the video with a few clicks. You could determine the font, size, symbol color, and pad color on your behalf.

When you finish editing you could find your video in media library in the cloud

In the media library you have the ability to manage the storage of incoming, transitional, and even the processed files. You could be able to set the interval (in hours) for automatic archiving or deletion of incoming material older than a certain number of hours. Basically our solution gives you the opportunity to work on distributed or cloud storage anywhere anytime. The other great thing is the option of setting up automatic synchronization with a remote storage or just a storage system. Also you could run statistics, control and manage the entire workflow. It’s nice is it!

Last but not least we continue with the final part of our story - transcoding, export and broadcasting

Here you will have the ability to automate transcoding tasks for audio and video files in a desired format or to set various formats on your behalf and to export them from the system. Output files can be exported by submitting to the "Broadcasting”/Streaming" module or they could be recorded on an external system. Also you could choose to stream the finished content using HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, RTP. If you choose to stream the system automatically generates HLS adaptive streaming according to a specified table of resolutions and their respective attributes. The best thing here is the option when allows you to re-stream all inbound RTMP streams on RTMP and HLS. You could also set an automatic recording and indexing of all incoming streams which makes our solution the ultimate streaming utility!