BG PHP Conference has become a tradition that provides the unique opportunity to learn about the latest development trends and innovations, as well as network with the speakers and fellow attendees.


Our client’s requirements were:

  • New design for the conference’s website –
  • Landing page and player through broadcast the live stream on the website
  • Technical consultation about all issues related to live broadcasting
  • Live streaming broadcasted to many point simultaneously on designated TV and of the conference’s website
  • Streaming of lecture hall and interviews with speakers
  • Ability provide video content to users according to their schedule and from any device


  • As a technological partner of the Bulgaria PHP conference we had several meetings with our clients and the company that was going to film the event to clarify every single detail of the broadcast
  • Once we had a clear view about the project we started with development of a new website that provides users to find the schedule of the event and other useful information
  • We built landing page for our streaming destintion and set up our media player
  • During the two days of the conference we provided a technical team to control the broadcast
  • The stream recognizes user’s device and automatic broadcast at 5 different resolutions – 240px, 360px, 480px, 720px and 1080px
  • Our streaming has been successfully accepted by all operations and systems / iOS, Adnroid, Windows/ and browsers such as /Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome/
  • We recorded the broadcast and kept it in MAM /Media Asset Management/


  • Engage more people
  • Convenience for the audience to choose the attending format
  • Improving the value of online performance

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